REVIEW: Navien NPE-240A

Tankless water heaters have proved to be a revolutionary product for domestic households across the globe. In tankless water heating, the water heats up almost instantly while passing through the machine. You get access to all the water that flows through it except for the amount that remains in the air coils.

They consume thirty to fifty percent less energy than heaters which come armed with tanks and are more compact and easy-to-fit than conventional water heaters. Tankless water heaters are both cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient and are a good investment for large households.

Why Navien NPE-240A Water Heater?

After compiling a list of the best tankless gas water heaters available out there, we zeroed in on Navien NPE-240A Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater and decided to test it and share our experience. Navien is a business that’s been producing water heaters and at such 14 decades, they’ve been able to construct a standing for their product lineup and themselves.

NPE-240A is one of their coveted water heaters and as we dissect its pros and cons, let us have a look at its features first. Apart from its high-end technology, Navien NPE-240A heaters are also well-recognized for their eye-pleasing design. The design complements the aesthetic of any bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you wish to install it.

Comfort Flow Technology

The Comfort Flow technology is one that has been patented by the brand and is touted to be the USP of the water heaters manufactured by it. Smooth water flows from the heat exchanger to the faucet, can be ensured from this technology in very little time.

Apart from serving this primary function, this technology helps the user in keeping a close watch on the heating pattern and sets the temperature after measuring the average water intake of the household.

Water Flow Rate

Hot water can be expected the moment the faucet is turned on. Though fast, the rate of water flow is fairly constant ensuring that the water temperature does not fluctuate. The water flows with an uninterrupted rate of 11.2 gallons per minute with a stable 45 degrees F increase in temperature and 12.2 gallons per minute with a 35 degree F ascend in temperature

The heater has a minimum input capacity of 19,900 Btu/h which goes up to a maximum tipping point of 199K. The gas valve fitted within exerts negative pressure and a fan that operates with a double venturi nozzle helps the tanker adjust itself when it is operated at lower gas levels.

The heat exchangers are made up of dual stainless steel which is another unique feature of Navien heaters. This particular model comes equipped with well-oiled gas and recirculation connection and you also get a pre-installed 120-volt appliance cord that functions within a range of 200 and 300 watts.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

If you consider yourself to be a technologically-challenged person, then you must know that the control panel is very simple to operate and is furnished with several useful features like the diagnostic button which helps you troubleshoot during a problem and the master button which provides important information about the current operational activities of the heater.

Why is it a Good Choice?

This enormously powerful heater can provide for the water consumption needs of a massive house that has as many as seven or eight bathrooms. Apart from bathing, people need hot water for a few other purposes as well and this comes in handy when you need to heat water multiple times and more importantly, quickly, throughout the day.

The heater scores well in a very important department, which is, safety. It includes a bunch of safety equipment within including a power surge fuse, flame rod sensor, exhaust temp high limit sensor, and ignition operation detector which make sure that even a novice user does not suffer from any hazard while trying to find his way through the controls.


  • It is a very good choice for joint families or big households who need a large amount of hot water daily.
  • Installation can be both for indoors and outdoors applications.
  • High-tech safety features offer fool-proof protection against any hazard.


  • Though the features justify the machine’s price, the cost is still on the higher side and might not be affordable by consumers in the lower-income group.


Overall, we found Navien NPE-240A to be a very efficient tankless water heater that fulfills all the promises and claims made by its manufacturer. Navien lends its support to both natural gas and propane and this water heater is available in the market in two different models.

While the source where the machine derives its energy from is the only differentiating factor, the other features remain the same. If you are looking at installing a tankless water heater which apart from heating water in the bathroom can fulfill some of your other hot water requirements like dishwashing, laundry, etc., we recommend you go for this one.

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