Solar Water Heating Panels: The Boon and Bane

You might have already noticed when paying the bills, that a big chunk goes to heating water. Truly, heating water is very expensive and it requires a lot of energy. Statistics show that it amounts to almost 18% of the average household’s energy expenditure.

Being able to save up on that money will considerably reduce your power bills. However, to reduce this cost, what can be taken into measure considering that’s it nearly impossible to live without water that is warm? One of the best ways to cut down utility costs, and to adopt a more sustainable way to heat water is to invest in solar water heating panels.

Instead of having to rely on fossil fuels, you’ll use the highly available solar energy, which can be stored in a hot water tank and drawn when you needed. Even though investing in solar panels might be a great idea, before deciding on that way, you should clearly identify what it will entail.

Among the finest ways also to embrace such a way to cut utility costs down would be to, instead of having to rely on fossil fuels, utilize the offered solar power; which may be saved in a hot water tank and then be drawn when you require it.

Solar Water Heating With Solar Thermal Panels - Which?
Solar panels installed on top of the roof.

Although investing in solar panels may be an excellent thought, before deciding to move that way you need to have apparent and exact knowledge on what it will demand.

And just like with any other common investments, you’ll have to consider the risks plus the advantages and disadvantages that come along if you want to make a wise and informed decision that will benefit you.

To help you make up your mind and get some clear information, we put together an essential guide on the main benefits and drawbacks of adopting solar panels for heating water.

The Benefits of Utilizing Solar Energy

Free Energy

Unlike other sources of energy, the energy provided by the sun is widely available and inexhaustible. Having solar panels means eliminating the costs of using power. You’ll just need to focus on figuring out how to tune in your panel to optimize its performance at any time, even with cloudy weather.

Saving Space

PV panels occupy considerable space. It is more exemplary and safer for you to go for a thermal panel if you have limited space around. In truth, an average home of two to four family members will only require 2 to 3 panels of 2 by 1-meter dimensions.

That is opposed to PV panels: the same household would need 10 to 16 panels to heat the same amount of water. This can be a probable dilemma for those that have a limited amount of space at disposal or if most of the roof is in the shade.

It is an Efficient System

Solar panels are more effectual in comparison to any other kind of electricity in regard to heating. Truly, they could convert over 80% of radiation to heat, meaning with the Identical amount of energy, solar panels may convert heat to warm water.

Rather Cheap Installation Costs

Despite everything you have heard about solar panels, one of the main advantages of installing them is that they are much cheaper to install compared to a PV panel for instance. Furthermore, you’ll need fewer panels to heat water, meaning that you’ll be able to cut on the expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

From any other so far, energy from the solar panels is greener. Despite some debates regarding the energy consumption needed to produce them, solar panels in use have zero emissions and a lower carbon footprint compared to the conventional forms of energy.

You’ll be Eligible For Rebates

When you are sustaining your household or your office with green energy, you’ll be able to discount a certain amount from your taxes or to get a bonus each year. Many governments do so as a way to encourage more homeowners to adopt renewable forms of energy.

Being Aware of The Drawbacks

Solar Thermal Panels Can Only Heat Water

Solar panels can be used to warm water solely, which can be among the downsides of choosing them as opposed to solar PV panels. Indeed, the latter, while more costly, can also generate electricity that you can use for other applications.

Expensive Maintainance

You have to take into consideration that while it may help you before you choose to purchase a panel, save money, you are going to need to manage frequent upkeep costs to guarantee top performance.

One common instance, you’ll need to check the panels to avoid freezing and you might have to replace some parts from time to time. Maintenance might be a drawback as it can be expensive and failure to carry it out might lead to a breakdown of your entire system.

Considerable Initial Investment

Irregardless of the kind of solar panel you decide on installing, solar panels are expensive to purchase. The considerable initial investment might stop some from going all in, but it is important to take into account the long term benefits before giving up.

However, keep in mind that aside from the expensive maintenance costs, you’ll have to install a new water cylinder in your home to maximize the heating ability and the performance of your panels.

The Bottomline

Water heating can bring exorbitant hikes in cost and requires a lot of energy. Installing solar panels can be a way to minimize total expenses. If you are looking for a sustainable and affordable way to run your tankless water heater, choosing to adopt solar panels might be your best option.

Similar to just any common investment, make sure you make the appropriate calculations to know how many panels you’ll have to mount to meet the power requirement of your system. It is much better to get a professional installer to place your panel up, you’ll avert any probable problems and you might find some guidance to maximize the panels’ efficacy.

There are housing projects that utilize solar-energy water heating panels in every units.

In case you have sufficient space, getting PV panels can be more beneficial to you, then you’ll be able to avail oneself of a number of the energy generated for different purposes aside from heating.

Your specialist installer will have the ability to counsel you on which could be better for you. Remember that investing in solar energy panels may bring you a few advantages in the long run. Investing in these is not to be unnerved with.

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