REVIEW: The SioGreen IR-288 Tankless Water Heater

When it comes to electric tankless water heaters, consider purchasing the SioGreen IR288. This heater falls into the middle-price spectrum but it is well worth the cost. Many choose this product for its excellent performance and its amazing functionality. Furthermore, its innovative design also makes it quite attractive as it does not take up much space and it doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. If you are still undecided on your purchase, keep reading this complete review on this model and make your mind up!

Features and Highlights: What Makes The SioGreen IR288 Better?

You are probably thinking, at this stage, what is it really that makes this electric tankless heater different or better than its competitors. With this section, you’ll familiarize all the outstanding features and highlights that will push you to decide.

No-Risk of Internal Components Corrosion

If you have already had a tankless heater, you might be familiar with the issue of corrosion to its components, caused by the water that flows through the system. One of the biggest selling points of this product is that corrosion is not a concern anymore. Indeed, unlike other competitors, the SioGreen 288 uses infrared tubes made of quartz that can generate heat without having to come into direct contact with metal. To put it simply, this means that the internal environment works in such a way that prevents corrosion from happening, saving you from the hassle of having to maintain the heating system regularly.

No Need To Worry About Limescale Deposits

Tankless water heaters are known to be causing headaches to homeowners also because they tend to cause mineral and deposits accumulations, that with time, will affect the heating performance of the system. That is especially true if you live in areas that have hard water problems. This issue also allows bacteria and algae to thrive, which does not only affect the heating performance but also the quality and safety of your water. The good news is that with SioGreen IR288, none of that will be an issue! Indeed, the excellent material and thoughtful design don’t allow water sitting, eliminating the accumulation of any organism and the development of algae and bacteria. That results in safe water and a high-performing heating system at all times.

Maintenance? Not A Problem Anymore!

Let’s be honest. Regularly maintaining your water heater is essential and its importance cannot be emphasized enough. And while this might means hours and money spent on complex maintenance operations that will keep your water heater functioning for longer, that is not true for this model. The SioGreen IR288 has the great advantage of being extremely easy to maintain. That is because it doesn’t use a heating element, which eliminates the need to flush it constantly to keep it working at its optimal capacity. If you are looking to save not only money but also precious time, this might be your perfect heater.

It Uses The Innovative Far – Infrared Technology

Remember when we mentioned the quartz tube, that doesn’t need to be in contact with the water to be heated? Well, the benefits of this incredible material are much more than that. Indeed, this water heater, with its carbon coating combined with the use of innovative technology, is designed to amplify the energy produced by the tube. This means that as long as your heater is turned on, it will use the same amount of energy, even with an increased flow rate, resulting in lower utility bills and a happier homeowner.

Better Control with the Automatic and Manual Power Functions

This electric water heater is easy to control: thanks to the automatic and manual control modes, you can control it effortlessly and efficiently. The automatic mode is handy as it comes equipped with modulating technology to estimate the variation between the desired temperature and the outdoor temperature of the moment. That is to predict how much power will be needed to heat the water according to your needs. The great thing about this mode is that it adjusts automatically to any changes and you don’t have to intervene. On the other hand, the manual mode allows you to hold the power button and adjust the current based on your needs. Most users tend to stick to the automatic mode, as it is pretty reliable and easier to use.

Adjust the Temperature Without Issues With the Dual-Mode Temperature Control

The Sio Green IR288 is designed to adjust the heating temperature automatically as well as manually. When choosing to stick to the automatic mode, you just need to press on the button while letting the integrated software to take care of the rest. In the manual mode, you’ll have to raise the temperature manually choosing a level from 1 to 8 by simply turning the water flow regulator. This feature might not seem relevant to you at the moment but think about the importance of having a heater that meets exactly your hot water needs. With the IR288, you can dictate how hot or cold you want your water, while easily checking on the temperature through the large LCD screen which is extremely handy.

Easy and Quick to Install

While other heaters might take a while to install, the SioGreen IR288 is extremely easy to setup. Being compact and characterized by a space-saving design makes this heater suitable to fit in any room, making it great even for the smallest apartments.


  • Quickly and easily adjust the temperature to your hot water needs
  • Compact design
  • Excellent performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Minimum 1.0 flow rate for 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit rise


  • The flow rate is not optimal

The Bottomline

When looking for a water heater that is affordable but at the same time extremely well performant and reliable, the SioGreen IR288 is a great choice. Not only in households but also for industrial applications, this electric tankless water heater is an all-time favorite by many users who praise its efficiency, its usability, and its long lifespan. This model is a great piece of equipment that effectively does its job and allows you to have hot water when you need it at the temperature you need it: all this without having to break the bank to afford it!

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