Submit an Event

This page can be used to submit your organization's events for inclusion in our calendar. Simply type the information in the form fields below and click on the 'Submit Event' link at the bottom of the page. Placing your cursor over a field name will cause a brief explanation of that field to be displayed. Click here to see an example of a completed form.

Title:Enter the title of the event.
Type:Select the type of event from the list.
Starting Date:The date or starting date of the event (for example: 2/4/2010).  
Starting Time:The starting time of the event (for example: 10:00 am).  
Ending Date:The ending date for the event (for example: 2/4/2010). This value only needs to be entered if the event lasts longer than one day.  
Ending Time:The ending time of the event (for example: 10:00 am).  
City:The city where the event is going to occur.
State:The state where the event is going to occur.
Place/Location:The building or facility where the event is going to occur.
Event URL:If available, enter a website address for the event or online brochure.
Schedule URL:If available, enter the website address for a schedule/agenda.
Sponsors:Any event sponsors, separated by a comma. Please list the organizations that are hosting the event, not the advertizing sponsors.
Sponsor Acronym:An acronym or abbreviation for the primary sponsoring organization.
Details:Description of the event and differences in cost for members, late registration info, etc.
Contact Name:A primary contact name.
Contact Phone:A primary contact phone number.
Contact Email:A primary contact email address.
CEU Value:The number of continuing educational units, if any, awarded for attending the event.  
CEU Type:The specific type of credit awarded for this event (CEU, Contact hours, Credit hours, CDPH Water Contact Hours, Training hours, regulatory hours, TCH, w/ww, etc).
CEU States:The states where the continuing educational units are applicable.
Cost:The non-member, regular cost of the event. Enter only the number - no dollar sign ($) is needed.  
Categories:Enter one or more categories (separated by commas). The categories used to classify events are listed in a box on right side of the screen.
Tags:Enter one or more keywords, separated by commas, that operators might use to search for the event.
Deadline Date:The deadline date, if any exists, to register for this event.  

Submit Event
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