Mathematical calculations can be one of the most challenging, but also most important, tasks performed by a water or wastewater operator. With Internet-enabled computers available in an increasing number of facilities, operators can lean on calculation tools to double-check their math. 

A few years ago the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection developed an Operator Information Center that included a variety of web-based calculation tools. While portions of the website are outdated, these tools still do the job:

Math calculations are also going on-the-go with operators, as smartphone apps are developed by consulting firms and technical assistant providers. The Missouri Rural Water Association has developed three apps to date, for both iPhone and Android.

For further learning about water and wastewater math, there are a large number of resources available in the SmallWaterSupply.org library. Simply input "math" in the Keyword box and click Retrieve Documents. 


# Judith
Friday, January 24, 2014 2:05 PM
How many gallons of sodium hypochlorite solution that contains 5.0% available chlorine are needed to disinfect a 10.0 in. diameter pipeline that is 220 ft long if the chlorine dosage required is 25 mg/L? Assume the sodium hypochlorite solution has a specific gravity of 1.07.

I know how to work this except for the specific gravity. What do I do with this?

# Steve Wilson
Friday, January 24, 2014 4:02 PM
Judith, if you will email us, I can give you some more information.

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