About SmallWaterSupply.org
SmallWaterSupply.org is a free resource for small community water and wastewater operators. Because there are so many organizations that have worthwhile information and events for water and wastewater operators on the web, our effort is in cataloging those resources in an easy to filter and search database. All information is linked back to the original author/host, which assists the host organizations in getting their resources out to operators. Only information that can be found for free on the internet is linked to, and only events that are relevant to water and wastewater operators are displayed. 
The goal of the website is to assist operators in finding information, and to support their efforts in using the web as a source of reliable information. We communication news and information regularly via our email newsletter, though operators can contact us directly for additional help. We are a free service for every operator that includes finding resources not found on our website, printing and mailing information found on our website to them, and seeking assistance from TA providers to help them answer their questions. 
SmallWaterSupply.org is housed and maintained at the Illinois State Water Survey (part of the Prairie Research Institute) and jointly operated by the Illinois Water Resources Center, at the University of Illinois. Funding for this website was provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Rural Community Assistance Partnership and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
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